Feasibility & research

Retail Netwerks has a specialist toolkit when it comes to feasibility studies. We’ll help you work out if your investment is going to be viable and what you can expect from it.

Retail Netwerks (RNUK) consultants have worked with some of the biggest farm retail enterprises in the UK, as well as many smaller ventures - from large Estates to small scale family run farm shops.

As well as drawing on numerous data sources, we employ our own research technique to produce empirical data to inform our feasibility studies. It is called the Retail HealthCheck which was, for example, employed during a three year project with some 200 farmers’ markets in the UK which sought to identify consumer marketing improvements. The tool has been used internationally and provides a detailed ‘snapshot’ of a retail environment (market, shop, high street or otherwise) over a set period of time.

A feasibility study will tell you whether a proposed project or idea will be do-able, whether the project will produce the desired results within a time-frame and within costs that are acceptable, and if it be profitable over what period of time. 

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