“The designs from Retail Netwerks were great, dead on. The plans gave us exactly what we needed, particularly for getting the production areas right because they are such a critical part of the way the farm shop will work.”

- Gary Oakes, Oakes Farm Shop

“Thanks guys, your drawings were awesome! They made it clear that we are taking the project seriously and impressed our landlord. Your help has allowed us all to look at the use of space, what works, and what's needed.”

- Neil & Sally, Devon

"We made one change to the plans from RNUK - we moved a doorway to give a bit more space in the room. Everything else worked perfectly and, although we haven’t implemented the bakery yet there’s flexibility to create it as part of the cafe."

Farm Shop & Cafe, Midlands

"When we set up 6 years ago you provided us with very useful turnover figures. Interestingly after our first 3 years of trading our actual turnover almost matched our business plan figures which was based on the numbers you provided."

Farm Shop & Cafe, Staffordshire